"Not ALL Death Eaters"
Severus Snape (via zevri)

"The light was so dim that Jaime could scarcely see her, though they stood a scant few feet apart. ‘In this light she could almost be a beauty’, he thought. ‘In this light she could almost be a knight’."—A Storm of Swords (for diet-ragles​)


My best friend is my cat. - NR

Cosas sexys que se me han dado hoy a ver (I): Norman Reedus y su gato. <3

adh replied to your post “I’m so sad about Richard Harrow it’s not even funny.”


:______________(    SO.MUCH.SADNESS.

I’m so sad about Richard Harrow it’s not even funny.


The Walking Dead (4.05) vs Lost (1.24-25)


Danerys is the ultimate URL hoarder, isn’t she?

  • Bride of Fire
  • Breaker of Chains
  • Queen of the Seven Kingdoms
  • Blood of the Dragon
  • Mother of Dragons
  • Rightful queen of the Iron Throne
  • Khaleesi
  • Myhsa

Cersei’s just in Kings Landing trying to add hyphens between “queen of the seven kingdoms” and it’s like




textbook: there are four important reasons for this and they’re super important. you won’t pass this class without them.
texbook: i can’t stress their importance enough. let me go on a tirade about how this relates to shit
texbook: and now pay attention
textbook: … *describes only three*